Join the #ChildrenCanThrive Campaign so all children grow up happy and healthy.

The #ChildrenCanThrive  campaign seeks to transform our response to the public health crisis of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and their long term effects.

Join the #ChildrenCanThrive Campaign so all children grow up happy and healthy.

Policy & Advocacy

READ our new report:  "Children Can Thrive: A Vision for California’s Response to Adverse Childhood Experiences"

READ our data report: "A Hidden Crisis: Findings on Adverse Childhood Experiences in California"

DOWNLOAD our white paper on ACEs and Toxic Stress called "An Unhealthy Dose of Stress"

Our Policy Agenda is three-fold:

Policy advocacy is a key part of the Center for Youth Wellness’ work to support prevention and healing for children, families and communities.
We advocate for local, state and national policy and systems change targeted at preventing, screening and healing the impact of toxic stress in children and adolescents exposed to ACEs. We create awareness about the serious and pervasive impact of ACEs in children and the need to shift resources toward effective intervention and treatment programs.

Our policy work is directly informed by our clinical and research efforts. In collaboration with partners in San Francisco and across the state and nation, we give voice to the experiences of children exposed to early adversity and are working to change the policies and systems that stand as barriers to health, stability and opportunity for children and families.

Our Partners
Futures Without Violence
We partner with Futures Without Violence to raise national awareness of the impact of violence on children. 

Too Small To Fail
We serve as an expert advisor to this campaign, led by Next Generation and The Clinton Foundation, on the science of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and its impact on children’s health and development.

Let’s Get Healthy California Task Force
We offered the Task Force on-the-ground insight into the importance of addressing toxic stress and ACEs in children and adolescents.

Medical Home for Children Exposed to Violence Project
Our CEO Dr. Burke Harris serves on the Project Advisory Committee of this American Academy of Pediatrics committee to provide pediatricians and medical home teams with resources to identify, refer and treat children and youth impacted by violence.

Featured Videos  

Children Can Thrive: CA's First ACEs Summit
On November 5-7, 2014, the Center for Youth Wellness hosted the first California ACEs summit, Children Can Thrive: California's Response to Adverse Childhood Experiences in San Francisco, CA. Children Can Thrive brought together a diverse group of stakeholders from different sectors and industries, including government, non-profit, private business, medicine, and philanthropy, to engage in a collaborative process to develop a common agenda to address adverse childhood experiences as the most important public health crisis of our time. This summit was the first gathering to focus on California's response to the impact of ACEs throughout the state.
ACEs - A Public Health Crisis
Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs, are "the leading public health issue of our time." A public health crisis requires a public health response that includes all of us. Please join the movement because health begins with hope!
Building Resilience Against Adverse Childhood Experiences
Dr. Nadine Burke Harris discusses ACEs and toxic stress as the next massive public health threat.
The Theory of Change
Dr. Jack Shonkoff, Director, Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, discusses how adults can lessen toxic stress in children.
The Power of Parents
In support of our partnership with "Too Small to Fail", Dr. Nadine Burke Harris discusses the power of parents.
2014 James Irvine Foundation Award Recipients
Dr. Nadine Burke Harris and Suzy Loftus, Esq. receive the 2014 James Irvine Foundation Award